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Benefits of Our Approach

Our team of advisers and consultants have substantial experience in developing, scheduling and equipping of hospitals and other healthcare facilities from General Practitioner Clinics through to complex large teaching hospitals. As healthcare professionals we believe we can understand and meet the needs of the healthcare community, and help design healthcare services fit for the future.

Clinical - Ergonomic design for all specialized medical activities
Technical - A robust modern, flexible and easily maintained solution
Financial - Producing Value for money through informed discussion

Concept & Philosophy

We work with you to understand your vision for the facility. We analyse all factors relevant to the project and provide a fully documented proposal. The advantages to our clients are:

  • Unbiased analysis and selection of equipment to provide the best possible solution
  • Detailed, costed proposals for equipping a development
  • A single point of reference. We will be responsible for co-ordinating with your architects and consultants
  • Ensuring that the appropriate technical detail is obtained from manufacturers and integrated into your particular design requirements
  • Freeing up the valuable time of clinical and administrative staff so they can get on with the essential task of providing healthcare services
  • A structured coordination and reporting system that will take into account your needs and provide you with regular updates on our progress