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Design Development

Detailed Room Data Sheet Planning

The hospital project is created within our planning program and developed by equipment and facility planners to produce realistic plans for departments, rooms and appropriate equipment.

Room Function

The function and purpose of each room is described including room activity, occupancy and relationship with surrounding areas.

Room Component Data Sheet

Using the client brief and the clinical output specification, room component data sheets are compiled for every room in the facility. For this we use Hiltron and/or ADB databases according to client specification. Both systems are supported by PCS's own unique database. This document details all items required for the room function, from sockets through to major fixed equipment. This in turn is used to produce other essential documentation such as bills of quantity and lists describing the location of equipment.

Environmental Factors

Linked to every room component data sheet is a document describing the required environment and the conditions for safe and efficient working within the room. This includes temperature ranges, air changes, water supply, drainage and other key engineering requirements. Architectural matters such as ironmongery, finishes and types of floor covering are also detailed.

Room Loaded Drawing

Rooms are drawn in plan showing the location and size of the components. This work is fed back into the design process to ensure consistency, safety and as a confirmation of a proper working environment for each room. All rooms and components are coded and cross-referenced throughout to ensure the documentation can be clearly understood by planners and the client's representatives.

Equipment Engineering Data

Detailed generic information is provided for equipment included size, power requirements, power load, heat emission, cabling, water, waste, drainage, medical gas and other important service requirements.

IT Requirements

Our specialist planners work closely with clients to ensure IT objectives are represented within the planning documentation. This will include detail such as cabling, outlets, scheduling of IT hardware and the planning of hub rooms, PACS areas and related computer infrastructure requirements.


Generic specifications are created for the equipment and furniture components to assist the client/owner in the procurement process. The specifications are developed to ensure a fair and open bidding process and to give the owner a choice of equipment without being restricted to particular manufacturers.