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Operational Briefing Documents

The following Operational Briefing Documents are available in support of all projects:

Service Planning Requirements

We ensure we understand and document the range and mix of services and key issues influencing them. We carefully consider the viability and scope of services and the relationship with other healthcare facilities and agencies in order to enable effective planning.

Assessment of Demand & Sizing of Services

An overview of requirements, quantifying key variables such as in-patient bed numbers, mix of clinical specialities, clinic support services and auxiliary services.

Quality of Environment

The philosophy and ethos of the care environment is outlined covering issues such as the degree of privacy, confidentiality, social and faith issues, and dignity and access requirements.

Location & Site Selection

Site characteristics, accessibility and relationship with other healthcare facilities will be described. Specific site issues or challenges will be assessed and resolved.

Whole Hospital Planning Issues & Influence on Design & Space Utilisation

This will cover scale and style, integration with other facilities on the site, zoning and relationships between services, information technology, design of patient areas, privacy and confidentiality, role and use of external space, expansion strategy, flexibility and shared use of space and interior design.

Accommodation Planning Requirements to Deliver Required Services

A detailed analysis of each service, department and type of room with reference to scope, sizing, relationship to other services, reference to relevant local requirements, published guidance documents, operational policies, numbers and type of personnel and other relevant issues.

Details Schedules of Accommodation

This element of the documentation describes the functional content and accommodation by type of service. It details:

  • Service name
  • Department name
  • Room type and quantity
  • Area in square metres
  • Circulation requirements within areas
  • Total gross areas