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Equipment Procurement

We support the equipment procurement process in order to protect the client's material and financial interests. This service includes checking documentation prior to purchase by the equipment contractor in order to ensure material quality is as previously agreed and to confirm completeness of supply of equipment, accessories and consumables.

Inspections may be carried out at the factory and on-site as well as the supervision of installation, commissioning and handover of equipment to the user.

Specific services which we can offer include:

  • Inspection, verification and approval of supplier invoices
  • Inspection of medical equipment and furniture
  • Advice relating to the installation, commissioning and testing of equipment
  • Monitoring and control of the hospital hand-over process
  • Advice on pre-installation requirements
  • Oversee Commissioning of equipment ready for handover to the client

In addition, we can liaise with your in-house procurement specialists to assist them with the procurement process and ensure that they retain detailed knowledge of the procurement processes and equipment selected with long term benefits to supplier relations and support.

We can assist with the development of aftercare packages. In particular, our range of abilities includes the negotiation of service and support contracts, warranty specifications, and post installation quality assurance with full back-up from our procurement and legal specialists.