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Change Support

Transfer and phasing management is a common feature for schemes where there is an existing facility. We can provide the following services to assist the client with the change programme:

  • Asset survey and assessment
  • Integration of existing assets into the planning documentation
  • Relocation of assets into new locations
  • User coordination throughout the asset relocation process
  • All of the services we provide are documented according to the needs of the client with particular emphasis on functionality, health and safety and compliance with the project program of works

The benefits that our change support specialists bring to your project are:

  • Minimisation of disruption to service through exceptional communication planning and implementation
  • Reduction in impact on individual clients and colleagues through the process
  • Reduction in complaints
  • Improvements in Operational Efficiency by minimising asset downtime during the process
  • Comprehensive local support to local management and staff members
  • Co-ordination between all suppliers to ensure smooth workflows and processes at all stages of the project
  • Once the major change has been implemented, we also offer a full service of follow-up support to rapidly re-establish and improve levels of performance